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Welcome to our website. This site was created so that we could better serve the residents and visitors of the Springfield area. Our goal is to maintain an affordable, safe, and comfortable mode of transportation to you, our customers. If, at any time, you have a customer service concern call (937) 328-3592 or Email. Your feedback is very important. Enjoy the ride and thank you for choosing SCAT.

History of Public Transportation in Springfield, Ohio

In the early 1870’s, Springfield’s first transit
system began operating with mule or horse drawn street railway cars. The cars averaged speeds of four to six miles per hour. Animal power gave way to mechanization in 1890, when partners Ward Frey and Asa Bushnell introduced Springfield. During this time, the development of Springfield generally followed the extension of the transit system, just as current economic development follows completion of highway facilities. The fixed route trolleys were taken out of service on December 9, 1933. Springfield also served as a regional center for inter-urban traction service. Traction service was discontinued on October 30,1938.

The Springfield City Lines, Inc. initiated motor bus services in 1933 with a fleet of 34 small buses for a population of about 70,000. Transit operations more than doubled during World War II. The fleet was expanded to 82 buses. Over 45,000 rides were taken daily.

Following World War II, Springfield’s transit system succumbed to the nationwide decline of the transit industry. The City of Springfield, recognizing the value of transit as a public service, obtained a grant in 1966 from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to purchase 12 diesel buses. These buses were nominally leased to the Springfield Transit Company, Inc. Revenues continued to decline, however, forcing private transit operations in Springfield to close on June 6,1969.

Springfield’s public transit flourishes by combining the best of public ownership and private management. Springfield City Area Transit (SCAT) is a function of city government, with facilities and rolling stock owned by the city and the managerial and operation expertise provided under contract by First Transit.

Springfield City Area Transit serves the residents and visitors of Springfield, Ohio Monday-Friday 6:40am-5:40pm. SCAT offers 11 fixed routes, ADA paratransit services and Dial-A-Ride. Our services offer a convenient, safe and affordable means of transportation.