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Payday loans online in 3 steps

If you need to get money quickly, then payday loans online is the best possible way to cover your unexpected expenses. The whole procedure of getting money from USACashExpress is very easy and will take you not much time. This is also very important taking into account that emergency situations can’t wait several days till you get the reply from the traditional bank if you are allowed to get the credit. Now you will be able to get the more detailed information about the stages of getting cash advance online.

How does the system of payday loans online work?

We have made the process of getting quick cash online simple and available for everybody having an access to the internet and being able to conform to our requirements which are not a lot of.

There are the three main steps which will lead you to the desired cash:

  1. Send us your information.
  2. Get an instant reply.
  3. Receive your payday loan.

And now let’s talk about each step in detail.

STEP 1: What information is required for getting instant payday loan online?

If you would like to get USACashExpress payday loan online, it is necessary to provide us with certain personal information which should be included in your application form. You can apply for instant loan online using a very simple online application form where you should give the following information:

  • First and second name.
  • Home address( including zip code and city).
  • Contact information ( telephone number, e-mail).
  • Choose the sum and the type of your payday loan.
  • Provide us with the information about your current working place.

STEP 2: When can you expect to get the answer from USACashExpress?

Instant reply of our representative is one of the benefits of payday loans online provided by the direct lender. The processing of your application form will take not more than 10-15 minutes. After this you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation letter or you can be informed about our positive decision using your contact telephone number which was pointed in your application form. That’s why it is very important to write the valid contact information in order to keep in touch with us.

What can be the reasons of getting the negative answer from our company?

It is not common for us to refuse those who are in need of extra money urgently. Any person can apply for our cash advance online but there is a list of requirements which should be met. Otherwise, you won’t be able to become a holder of instant money.

Check if you are able to conform to the following requirements before applying for our payday loans online:

  • You must be not younger than 18 years old.
  • You must be a resident of the country where you apply for payday loans online.
  • You must have the current source of income.
  • You must not be a debtor or in a bankruptcy currently.
  • You must provide us with your personal information including your Security Number and Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • You must have a valid bank account.

What chances to be approved if you are currently unemployed?

We are offering instant money for everybody looking for quick solution of some unexpected financial problems. However, we have the requirement of providing us with the proof of your current income. If you have lost your job and can’t show us your paycheck as the proof of your ability to repay our payday loan, it doesn’t mean that you will be refused. We are interested not in your current working place but in your ability to give the borrowed money back, that’s why you can demonstrate any proof that you have some other source of income at the moment. You should understand that in case of not having an opportunity to repay the loan on time, you will have to pay the larger sum including the interest rate.

How much money can you borrow from us?

It is possible to apply for the sum from $100 to $1000 in most cases. But if you need the larger amount of money, you can contact us and we will consider your situation individually. We won’t allow you to apply for the sum which is larger than your income per month as we don’t want our clients to have debts in future which can lead to bad reputation and the bad mark on your credit history.

You should take into account that payday loans are short-term loans which should be repaid from your next salary or within 30 days. In case you understand that you won’t be able to repay the loan on time, you should inform your direct lender immediately. Our representatives will consider your situation and offer all possible variant of using other types of credit products which have the longer period of repayment if they are available for your country.

Is there any difference between bad credit borrowers and clients with perfect credit history?

Bad credit borrowers as well as those whose credit history is good face the same requirements each time they want to apply for our payday loans online. The difference is that our permanent clients who have already borrowed money from us and repaid their cash advance on time can be approved for the maximum amount of money. As for the bad credit borrowers, they can be approved for the minimum amount of payday loan for the first time and for the larger sum of money after the repayment on time.

STEP 3: When should you expect to get money?

USACashExpress offer instant money which you are going to get within a very short period of time compared to usual bank services. This period is within one working day not including national holidays when there can be delays. The whole procedure of getting money is online including the getting money as you will receive your payday loan directly into your banking account. It is preferable to have the account which was opened not less than half a year ago.

Who to turn to if you still have some questions concerning our payday loans online?

If you are not sure that our payday loans online is the best solution of your financial problem, you are always welcome to contact us via our website using the online chat service or writing the letter to the customer support. If you need to get an urgent answer, our representatives will be glad to consult all possible clients via telephone.