What should you know about instant payday loans direct lenders?

We offer advantageous terms of getting instant payday loans direct lenders for urgent situations, when you don’t know how to deal with the problem quickly and easily. Be careful getting acquainted with all conditions and terms before you take the final decision to apply for instant loans.

What is the difference between instant payday loans and long-term loans?

Instant loans or payday loans are considered to be short-term loans for two weeks or one month, which is the maximum possible period of the repayment for this kind of a loan. It is for you if you need money the next business day and have some guarantee that you will be able to repay the loan within the mentioned period of time. Though the amount of a loan you can borrow is not very large ($100-$1000) it may negatively influence your credit rating in case you fail to repay the entire sum at once on the date, which should be agreed beforehand during the signing of the contract. In comparison with the payday loans, long-term loans are given for the larger period of time and can be repaid even during half a year or longer as their amounts are much larger. However, you can’t say that one loan has its benefits or drawbacks as they are simply different and aimed at different intentions.

How to know that short-term loan is for you?

  • Do you need money now? YES!
  • Do you need the amount of money, which doesn’t exceed $1000? YES!
  • Do you have stable job or any other source of income to repay the loan on time? YES!
  • Do you have 5 minutes of spare time to fill an application online? YES!

If all questions can be answered positively by you, then our payday loans are exactly what you need this moment. Get started with the form provided at our website and fill in all required data, which will be used for your verification.

Why do USACashExpress ask our clients to give us their personal information?

We don’t ask much as we need only the basic information like your passport details, your Social Security Number, details of your banking account and some contact information, which will be necessary for the process of verification in order to take a decision about your approval. We don’t ask for faxing but there is no 100% guarantee that additional information won’t be necessary for taking the final decision. In any case we process your data several times faster than the traditional banks. This is only one of our numerous benefits we offer our clients. Your contact information won’t be used by any third-parties, besides your direct lender who may inform you about some changes or special offers for you.

How safe is your information at our website?

Our priority is to take care of our customers’ personal data entrusted with us. We have provided modern encryption technology, which is enough powerful to protect your data while it is passing through the system. Read the reviews of those customers who have already used the chance to solve their problems with our professional help and you will be able to forget about all worries you had before!